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Sequences, combinations, rotations and reflections, series and dimensions.
Sounds act as vectors and they can be regarded as the representation of quantities like force and velocity which are defined by magnitude and direction.
As vectors, sounds generate spaces whose dimension is the size of a maximal basis set.

K-FRAME is the debut release of the project ZBEEN (Gianluca Favaron, Ennio Mazzon), it consists of four tracks that represent the “ordered degree of complexity” generated by the superposition and combination of a set of independent audio streams.

The definition of the system, k dimensions, k-frame, the spatial constitution of the sonic objects within.

Gianluca Favaron | microphones, field recordings, loops, electronics.
Ennio Mazzon | programming, signal processing, field recordings.

Mastering: Giuseppe Ielasi


released January 17, 2012

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Colpisce soprattutto la seconda metà di questi venti minuti: “Enhet Lengde” è una morte gelida e terrificante, mentre “Retning” è per lunghi un cupissimo assalto di suoni digitalizzati.
- Fabrizio Garau / The New Noise

Sheets of white noise hang before electronic beeps without muffling their timbre, while the scrapes and crumbles of earthly material (evoking frictional motion against concrete and rock) emanates beautifully from the centre.
- ATTN:magazine

Un esperimento in laboratorio. Tra formule e ingredienti sezionati, un’opera da studiare sin dalle sue basi concettuali.
- Ondarock

“Grunnlag”, the opening track begins with a winning combination: blips, scratches, and a oscillating pulse that eventually mimics the listeners heartbeat, soothing them. It sure as hell worked on “Welcome To The Machine”.
- Foxy Digitalis

‘K Frame’ sounds like panicked machines. It sounds extremely tense. At no point throughout the disc does this aural pain let up. This is some extraordinarily strange sound art. It challenges the listener to find its method as it spirals out of control.
- Beach Sloth

K-frame is like sitting in at the middle of an electro magnetic field. Electrically buzzing signals move from left to right, intertwine with needle sharp high frequency tones and narrow field recordings.
- Resonant Strata

K-frame is a chemical experiment that takes place under loose supervision. The “k-frame” is the framework in which the sonics develop.
- A Closer Listen

tinnitus wave tones
electronic consciousness
travel by glitch ticks
- Anti Gravity Bunny






RIPPLES was a label run by Ennio Mazzon from 2009 to 2015.

CAPILLARYWAVES is Ripples's digital catalogue.

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